Foundry Equipments, Aluminium Foundry Equipments, Gravity Die Castings, Tilting GDC, CNC Pipe Bending Machines, Core Shooter, CNC Boring Machines, Degreasing Machines, Pressure Furnaces, Special Purpose Machines, Testing Machine, Leak Testing Machines, Industrial Equipments, Auto Pourer, Shell Core, Shell Cores, Raiser Cutting Machines, 2 Wheeler Riser Cutting Machines, Alloy Wheel, Power Packs, Hydraulic Cylinders, Dry Hearth Furnaces, Resistance Furnaces, LPDC Machines, Ingot Charging Trolley, Wheel Gripper, Aluminium Dry Hearth
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Poonam Designs

We at Poonam Designs are guided by providing effective solutions to our customers needs and strongly believe that we can achieve this by enabling our customers satisfy their customers creating a win-win-win situation.

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      Distance from Airports:

   Airport Mumbai (Bombay) - Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport: 158 kms

   Airport Pune - Lohegaon Airport: 23 kms

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